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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Added Water Level Gauge

I decided it would be good to have a "sight glass" to view the water level. When I checked it at water sample time the level was surprisingly lower than I had expected. I used 3/4" HePex for the tube and dropped an orange Styrofoam ball for an indicator.

Once the indicator was installed and the tank refilled I fired to 207 degrees to establish a maximum mark on the gauge when it stopped overflowing out the overflow tube. I marked  this level boil. Then as the water cooled and the level lowered in the tube I placed marks at additional temperature as recorded at the supply pipe. I can now check the supply temperature the pumps have been running, then look at the "sight glass" to reassure myself that the water level is proper. If not I can hook up the hose and add a little water to bring it up to level on the sight glass at the appropriate temperature.

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