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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enclosing The "Garn Barn"

The Garn Barn area was originally a five posted storage area. It too a bit of prying and jacking to get the area plumb, straight, and level with adequate headers to support the openings. The walls were insulated R-19, the ceiling rafters were furred out an additional 2 ½” to allow an air space above the R-38 insulation. As long as the rear half was to be enclosed I chose to add a storage/work area with a large loading door to the front half. This should keep much warmer with two heated walls and if necessary I can open the door to the boiler room when I am in the area working.
Three circuits were added in the boiler room to provide adequate electrical supply.
The back wall has a removable 4’x8’ panel by the chimney and air intake to allow a future service entrance.


  1. Great post and update! I really enjoy all the pictures of your install. Looks like you are making great progress. Good luck with the rest of the work and keep us posted!

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  2. I am jeolous. Cool tractor!