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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Garn is finally providing heat for my house!

My Garn is finally providing heat for my house, domestic hot water, and my workshop.

I framed and insulated with fiberglass insulation. The drywall is now applied. Today I should finish mudding the drywall on the front of the Garn.

Following the final filling it was time to finish the piping to the house and workshop. I may have included too many fittings but I do not think I will regret it the first time I have to service the installation.

The first filling with water was treated with one pail of 775p precleaner, then heated and circulated for 36 hours. It then drained and refilled and once again recirculated to flush the piping. It was drained again and rinsed thoroughly with a garden hose. I was surprised how clean the interior of the Garn was after the 775p precleaner, I am glad I purchased this product. After all sediment was flushed out the drain it was filled for the last time. Once the Garn was a third full I added the 2 tubs of clt-200p water treatment and then continued to fill through the 5 micron filter provided by Garn. I expected the clt-200p to make the water cloudy but it dissolved clear.

All chemicals were purchased from Mike Kuzulka of Precisionchem, Waupun, WI, 920-324-2007, Email Mike is extremely knowledgeable on boiler water conditioning, he was very helpful and gladly answered all of my questions, I highly recommend his company!

Underground supply lines were encased in 6” Drain tile and then foamed in place with closed cell insulation. The above lines are enclosed in a chase to allow future access if necessary.

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  1. Wow! Installing this by yourself is quite Impressive, George! Being knowledgeable about installations is indeed handy. Skills for this one is not just for installation but for maintenance and inspection too. Garn is a good kind of heat provider; its combustion power is more efficient. I hope that this thing is still working today. Cheers!

    Helene Raymond @Trade Squad